Uncompromising Safety at Desert Jet

Your safety is our highest priority

At Desert Jet, we implement rigorous protocols to minimize risk at every stage of your journey. Explore how our multi-tiered safety framework distinguishes us as a leader in aviation safety.

Safety Management System

Our Safety Management System is robust and proactive, featuring three layers of oversight before any flight takes off. We meticulously assess every conceivable risk and hazard to ensure your journey is as safe as possible.

Pre-Flight Checks
  • Charter dispatchers complete a comprehensive safety checklist.
  • Director of Operations confirms weather, aircraft, and pilot suitability.
  • The Captain evaluates the overall safety of the flight.

Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Exclusively developed in collaboration with Desert Jet’s web developer and Safety Committee, this tool enables real-time, cross-departmental risk assessment and mitigation.

Destination Airport Analysis Checklist

This checklist serves as an additional safeguard, scrutinizing unforeseen variables like rapidly changing weather conditions. A four-step verification process involving key personnel ensures the ultimate safety of each flight.

The Pillars of Our Safety Commitment

Flight Crew

Our pilots are not just experienced; they are committed to safety and boasting impeccable records and an average flight time exceeding 7500 hours. They also undergo annual training at premier facilities like FlightSafety and CAE Simuflite, mastering everything from system malfunctions to emergency procedures.


Dispatch Support

Our flight crew is backed by a 24/7 mission control team, ensuring that expert support and real-time tracking are always available.

Our Safety Credentials

Desert Jet | SafetyInternational Standard of Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO)

We take pride in being one of the first 20 charter companies worldwide to secure IS-BAO registration, in part due to our robust, mature Safety Management System. This gold standard in aviation safety is endorsed by the NBAA and verified through independent audits.

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Desert Jet | SafetyWyvern Wingman

We meet the stringent Wyvern Standard, a safety benchmark vetted by Fortune 100 companies and flight departments. Our membership in the Wyvern Wingman Alliance is a testament to our operational excellence.

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Desert Jet | SafetyARG/US Platinum

We proudly hold the prestigious ARGUS Platinum rating, achieved through exhaustive on-site audits and indicative of our commitment to the highest safety standards. Currently, we are among the 115 charter operators in the U.S. to hold this elite safety rating.

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unparalleled safety standards

Recognized Excellence in Safety

At Desert Jet, our dedication to unparalleled safety standards hasn’t gone unnoticed. Year after year, we are honored with the National Business Aviation Association’s Commercial Business Flying Safety Award, which recognizes exceptional achievement in maintaining safe flying operations.

Experience the Desert Jet Difference

Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. Choose Desert Jet for an aviation experience that prioritizes your well-being without compromising on luxury.

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