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the level of aircraft management you require

With Desert Jet, you can arrange for just the level of aircraft management you require – from minimal oversight of and assistance to your existing flight department to a fully structured management program encompassing all maintenance, staffing, and operational requirements. Whichever type of program you desire is meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs.

Turnkey Aircraft Management

Elevate your aircraft ownership experience with Desert Jet. We handle every facet, so you can simply enjoy the journey.

  • Crew Management:
    Expert selection, training, and management.
  • Maintenance Oversight:
    Comprehensive scheduling and transparent invoicing.
  • Safety & Compliance:
    Adherence to top industry standards, including FAA, DOT, OSHA, IS-BAO, ICAO, and more.
  • Safety Management System:
    Implementation of strict safety protocols to ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Asset Protection:
    Strategies to retain aircraft value and optimize tax efficiencies.
  • Exclusive Benefits:
    Tailored insurance, secure storage, and cost-saving programs.
  • Dedicated Owner Services Team:
    Direct access and available to assist 24/7.

Charter Management

Maximize your aircraft’s potential with Desert Jet’s Charter Management. Enjoy all the perks of full aircraft management, with the added advantage of generating charter revenue during idle times.

Charter Revenue Programs

A strategic approach for aircraft owners looking to balance personal flights with revenue-generating operations, effectively offsetting ownership costs.

Charter Revenue

Aircraft Management for Flight Departments

Desert Jet provides personalized aircraft management, maximizing cost efficiencies through our negotiation skills and fleet purchasing power. Our commitment to safety and service ensures your flight department has the support it needs to achieve the highest industry safety and regulatory compliance status.

  • Friends and Affiliates Program:
    A solution for those who wish to allow friends or affiliated companies to utilize their aircraft, generating revenue without the complexities of FAA or IRS regulations.
  • Dry Lease Program:
    Lease your aircraft to one or more entities with Desert Jet handling all administrative and operational intricacies, ensuring you remain on the right side of FAA regulations.
  • Fleet Interchange:
    An offering for those seeking flexibility in their operations. If your aircraft is unavailable, access another in our fleet, ensuring you’re always ready for your next mission.

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